Moulton Utilities office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday with offices on the first floor of City Hall (720 Seminary Street). Please contact us if we can be of service in the following areas or if you have a question about the Utility Department.

  • Requests for new and existing service
  • Connections and disconnections of service
  • Changes or up-grades in service
  • Customer problems
  • Questions about billing and other services


Moulton Utilities application process includes gas, water/wastewater and/or garbage services. A nonrefundable account origination fee is required for gas and water services.  Consumer must be at least nineteen (19) years old to sign for utility service. The following information must be provided.

  • Two forms of identification - Valid driver's license or state identification card and social security card
  • Copy of lease or rent receipt, if property is not owned
  • A notarized application is required if it is not signed in person at Moulton Utilities
  • Authorization is required if an officer of the company does not make application for utility service

Application - Business Commercial

Application - Residential

Bank Draft Plan Authorization


Account Origination Fee -         Business - $150.00
  Residential - $100.00
Tapping Fees - Currently tapping fees are being waived for most locations.


Account Origination Fee -         Business - $150.00
  Residential - $100.00


Tapping Fees -            Business – $400.00
  Residential - $200.00
Impact Fees -      Business - $5,000.00


All current charges not paid by the 10th of each month: 10% Penalty

All services will be disconnected if charges not paid in full by the 20th of each month (All charges includes total of Water, Gas, Sewer, Solid Waste and any other fees Combined)

Re-Connection fee Regular Hours Gas $50.00
Re-Connection fee After Hours Gas $100.00
Re-Connection fee Regular Hours Water $50.00
Re-Connection fee After Hours Water $100.00

All re-connection fees and past due charges must be paid in full by cash only to have services reconnected.
All accounts that have been disconnected for non-payment and are outstanding at the second billing cycle from the date disconnected will be closed. For services to be reactivated the following charges apply:

Account Origination Fee Water $100.00
Account Origination Fee Gas $100.00
Re-Connection Fees (As stipulated above)


Meter checks for misread meters:

Meter misread N/C
Meter Correct $15.00

Lighting of Pilot Lights on Gas Appliances & Heaters

Regular Hours $50.00
After Hours $100.00


720 Seminary Street
Moulton, AL 35650
Phone:  (256) 974-8551 or (256) 974-8941

Gas Superintendent:  Mike Hand
Water Superintendent:  Greg Dutton
Wastewater Superintendent:  Mark Heflin