Each business operating within the City of Moulton is required to purchase an annual privilege license. Privilege licenses are renewable and due January 1st of each year and are delinquent on February 1st. A 15% penalty is imposed for licenses not renewed by January 31st. If not renewed by March 1st, a 30% penalty is imposed.

The Business License Issuance Fee is $12.00.

License Fee Schedule

In order to obtain or renew a City of Moulton business license you must complete the Business License Application form. Certain businesses may also need to provide additional documentation in order to obtain a license.
You may bring the completed form to the City Clerk's Office during regular business hours or mail it to:

Attn: Business License Department
City of Moulton
720 Seminary Street
Moulton, AL 35650
Office contact:
Phone: (256) 974-5191

Moulton Alcohol Application


The Building Department is responsible for inspections and permit issuances within the City of Moulton. Inspections are performed on new construction as well as room additions and alterations on residential and commercial structures.

The Building Department is also responsible for Code Enforcement, which is primarily responsible for investigating and acting on code violations.
The City of Moulton works under the entire 2009 International Building Codes.
Building Permit Application

A building permit is required anytime a structure is going to be constructed, altered, OR the cost of a project is going to be more than $500. A building permit must be purchased before the work begins.  If the work is to be done by a contractor, the contractor must have a current city business license.  Fences, decks, swimming pools, out buildings, detached garages, roofing, etc. are required to have a building permit.  Exempt from a building permit would be: painting (inside or out) and new flooring or projects costing less than $500.  If you are in doubt that you may need to obtain a building permit, call the building department. 

“How do I know if I need a set of architect stamped plans?”

If your plans fall under any of these situations described in this link, you may be required to submit a set of architect stamped drawings.  This could mean only a one page layout of a Life Safety Plan or a more detailed set of drawings showing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural or more.

“How do I obtain a building permit?”

Step one would be to make sure that your project doesn’t fall into the category of requiring an architect stamped set of drawings.  If not, building permits are very easily obtained.  If your project is going to be adding or creating a new footprint of a structure, you will be required to submit a simple drawing showing dimensions and the layout of the project.  This drawing can be drawn by anyone on any type of paper.  Next download and complete the Building Permit Application found on this site.  Be sure to check with the building department on any setbacks for your property.   When adding to an existing structure or creating a new structure, setbacks sometimes come into play.  If there is an issue with the setbacks, the city has a board to try and work with the property owner.  The property owner should contact the building department to find out if they need the services of the BZA board.

“How long after I submit plans, do I need to wait to get my permit?”

Most of the time, there is a very fast turnaround on plan reviews.  If the project is a simple remodel or addition, plan review time could be as little as 24 hours.  If the project is a commercial job, there will be a Technical Review Committee meeting between the heads of the utilities and the building department.  At this meeting, the plans are reviewed and site plans are closely looked at in how they will affect the surrounding traffic, parking, etc.  All the utilities will be discussed on where they will enter the new building, and what impact they will have on the city utility systems.  Any notes or questions will then be passed along to the project manager/architects for revision.  When the plans meet the requirements of the Technical Review Committee, a pre-construction meeting time will be set up to meet with the winning bid contractor and the members of the Technical Review Committee.  At that time, all the fees, tapping fees, license and building permits will be paid in full. 

(Link to Commercial Building Procedures here)

“At what time do I need to call in for an inspection on my job?”

A 24-48 hour lead time is sufficient to call before expecting a job inspection.  You will need to call the building department to line up a time for the inspection.  Generally, there will be a minimum of the following inspections:

  • Foundation/footer (after foundation/footer is ready for concrete, but not poured)
  • Rough plumbing/electrical for slabs
  • Rough in plumbing/electrical/mechanical and framing all at one time.  This inspection is to be done prior to any insulation.
  • Final on job.

The Certificate of Occupancy will be issued during the final inspection.  Please be sure to let the Building Department know that this final is for the Certificate of Occupancy, or if it is for a Certificate of Completion.
*The Building Department has the right to do drop in inspections at ANY time of an open permit.   Just because the inspection is not on the list, does not mean that a particular part of a job is not subject to inspection.* 


Contact Information

Bldg/License Inspector: James Renay Saint

Phone:  (256) 974-5191

Address:  720 Seminary Street, Moulton, AL 35650





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