Moulton is the largest municipality in Lawrence County.  It combines the modern conveniences of city living with its small-time charm.

Moulton was incorporated December 17, 1819.  The city is named for Lt. Michael Moulton, who lost his life in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in the Creek Indian War while fighting under the command of General Andrew Jackson.

In 1820 Moulton was chosen as the county seat replacing the original county seat which was Marathon at Melton’s Bluff in the northern part of the county.  The move was so county residents could transact business in a more centralized location.

The county courthouse sits on the traditional town square.  It houses county offices while retail business and professional offices line the streets facing the square.  Moulton has its own quaint charm of a small southern town.

The main business thoroughfare is Al Hwy 157, which connects north-south U.S. Interstate 65 with east-west Al Hwy 20/U.S. Alternate 72, providing the most direct route from Birmingham to Memphis.  The Al Hwy 157 corridor through Moulton has been a high-growth area for retail and service businesses.

City limits include approximately eight square miles.  The 2010 census cited Moulton’s population as 3,400.





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