• Ordinance 2014-011
    An ordinance requiring persons engaged in uninvited door to door business sales or solicitations to first obtain a permit and forbids such sales or solicitations after daylight hours within the Corporate Limits of the City of Moulton, Alabama and establishing punishments for violations.




  • Ordinance 2013-002
    An Ordinance Defining Nuisances, Establishing a Procedure for the Abatement of Nuisances, and Providing Penalties for Violations of its Provisions.




  • Ordinance 2010-001
    An Ordinance Regulating the Sale, Advertising and Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages Within the City of Moulton, Alabama, Providing Licensing and Revocation Procedures and Establishing Punishment for Violations.




  • Ordinance 2006-001
    An Ordinance to Require Persons or Entities Conducting Garage Sales, and Carport Sales Within the Corporate Limits of the City of Moulton to First Acquire a Permit; to Establish a Fee for the Issuance of Such Permit; to Establish Conditions for Issuance of Such Permit; to Clarify the Definition of Garage or Carport Sales; to Declare it a Misdemeanor to Violate this Section; and to Establish Penalties for Violations.




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